Tiny House Parking


Tiny House Parking: How to Find Safe, Practical, and Affordable Land for Your Tiny House




Tiny House Parking: How to Find Safe, Practical, and Affordable Land for Your Tiny House

Are you thinking about joining the tiny house movement but aren’t sure how or where you’ll park your tiny house?

When it comes to building your own home, location is everything. No doubt, you’ve heard about someone being forced to move from their tiny house due to complaints by neighbors, zoning issues, or conflicts with landlords. The good news is that these kinds of issues can be minimized by finding the right piece of land for your tiny house. Whether you rent land, buy it, or trade your time or services, you need to lay out your exact requirements so you’ll know exactly the right space when you see it.

Tiny House Parking will help you navigate the confusing legal landscape that surrounds tiny houses so you can find exactly the right place for your tiny home.


  • Where can I put a tiny house? An in-depth review of the current legal situation for tiny houses across the country
  • Where can I legally build a tiny house? Because building your house and living in it are two different things (legally speaking)!
  • Will it be legal to live in my tiny house? Make sure you look into this before you ever move in!
  • How do I find landowners willing to let me rent a place for my tiny house? A full list of requirements, places to look, and tips on how to start the conversation
  • Tiny House Parking Stories: Case studies from 3 very different tiny house owners with varying legal situations
  • Links and Resources: A list of tiny house friendly cities, websites, and other resources to help you get started!

If you are nervous about finding a suitable place for your tiny house, including navigating all the legal stuff, this book will help show you the way!


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